Friday, January 01, 2010

From the "Reason for the season" file.

As a Real American™, I've been monitoring the New Year's Day bowl games, and there have been some good ones so far. Northwestern put a real scare into Auburn in an overtime contest, but why, I'm forced to wonder, are two unranked teams playing on this college football day of days?

Congratulations are due to Bobby Bowden, whose Florida State Seminoles came through with a farewell win for their retiring head coach. Joe Paterno's Penn State Nittany Lions came through for their grand old man, too, but Joe Pa doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

And now the quandry. Come bowl season, I'm typically a loyal son of the PAC 10, and that's particularly true come Rose Bowl time. But the Ducks? I'm supposed to root for the Ducks? That's a stretch.

On the other hand, they're playing Ohio State. If it could only be Michigan.

Ducks or Bucks? What to do?

Quack, I guess. Bring on the Sugar Bowl.

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