Friday, January 22, 2010

About the only "miracle" I can find…

…surrounding the Massachusetts election outcome is the miraculous way that the results have become proof positive of the truth of virtually every possible position adopted by every available faction on nearly any conceivable issue.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

The words I kept seeing are about "how angry" people are. About what one would wonder? Some folks say the health care bill, but more people say the economy.

President Obama has been president for just about a year. It seems very doubtful that he himself brought the economy to its knees, in that time.

These folks need to get angry at President 43, who almost single-handedly destroyed the country.

Sadly, in the news tonight is the story of a dairy farmer in New York state who killed 51 of his cows; and then, turned a rifle on himself. Fellow farmers buried all the cows and would tell reporters only that "These are tough times for farmers."

That pisses me off. But somehow, I don't expect the newest senator from Massachusetts to do a damn thing about it, if it even crosses his radar screen.

These times are beginning to remind me of the stories my dad, a Missouri farm boy who emigrated to Denver and got work with the WPA, used to tell me about the 1930s.

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