Saturday, December 26, 2009

Worth repeating.

James Joyner...
We’re simply going to make people miserable for no apparent reason. There have been precisely three attempts over the last eight years to commit acts of terrorism aboard commercial aircraft. All of them clownishly inept and easily thwarted by the passengers. How many tens of thousands of flights have been incident free? And, yet, we’re going to make hundreds of thousands of people endure transcontinental flights without reading materials or the ability to use the restroom?
As much as I once loved to fly, if you can't conveniently and affordably get there by car, bus, train or boat, I can't imagine going there anymore, which means I'll probably never go to some places I'd really like to go, places that would really like people like me to come.

Guess I'll scratch the return trips to Ireland and Vietnam from the bucket list. The crazy people have won.

Hat tip to John Cole.

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