Thursday, December 31, 2009

One of these things…

…is not like the other. Goldy...
Now that the race for King County Executive is long over, it’s interesting to compare this:
[Susan] Hutchison said she solved a significant budget shortfall as chairwoman of the Seattle Symphony board of directors. “I solve problems and I fix things,” she said, “and King County needs a fix.”
With this:
The Seattle Symphony, already beset by immense challenges, including a $4 million debt and vacancies in its two top positions, still has not reached a new contract agreement with its musicians union and could potentially face a musicians strike.
She lied. It figures. She's a Republican, even if she lied about that, too.

Goldy's right, though. She got a free pass on that lie throughout the campaign. Nice as it would be to think we've seen the last of Ms. Hutchison politically, it would be foolhardy. Never too early to stock up the oppo file.

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