Tuesday, December 01, 2009

If he's going to make it bigger…

…and he is, make him pay for it. Ben Nelson has a not so novel notion...
“We didn’t have a war tax in the second World War,” Nelson said, and instead the government sold Americans bonds. ”People invested in their country, in that fashion [and] made a lot of sense back then. I don’t know why it might not make sense today, certainly in lieu of jumping to tax.”
Fair enough. If WWII's the model, bring back the 94% top marginal rate and sell all the bonds you want, though you won't need as many.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

It also might not be a bad idea to bring back the draft - a truly universal draft, as proposed by Bobby Kennedy during the Vietnam War. That way, the folks in Congress might think a bit more, if their sons and daughters, or that of most of their constituents, had to go fight ceaseless wars, overseas, for the empire.

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