Thursday, December 10, 2009

From the "Reports of our death…" file.

Sorry about all those folks who thought they were voting for Dennis Kucinich last fall. Happily, it turns out there weren't all that many of them. Public Policy Polling, via Ron Chusid
Our new poll suggests that liberal unhappiness with Barack Obama is still largely anecdotal and not very widespread. His approval rating with liberal Democrats is 95%, with only 3% disapproving of him.

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Blogger Carl said...

I didn't support him in the primary, but I'm proudly in the 95%. I understand that there are problems, and I'll gladly criticize him from the left when he deserves it. But the economy is out of its death spiral, thanks largely to the stimulus plan he pushed, we're getting out of Iraq, the health care situation will probably improve, we'll probably get good environmental regulation, and there's a better than 50/50 shot that we'll allow lesbian and gay soldiers and sailors to serve openly within a year. All that say is keep pushing, keep working, and keep involved.

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