Saturday, December 05, 2009

From the "Don't panic" file...

Mike Lux sheds some (ahem) light over at Open Left, offering sage counsel for following the health insurance (or most any other) debate in Congress. It's all good, but these last bits deserve widespread repetition and attention...
5. Don't assume that anything in either the Senate or House bill is in there for good. Some things are inserted into bills specifically to be traded away at conference committee time.

6. Don't panic over anything, just keep organizing for what you want. A lot of groups are doing list building right now, seizing on real or imagined rumors to try to panic people into signing petitions or giving money. Most of these panic attacks are phony. My advice to activists out there is to just keep working hard on grassroots organizing around the issues you care the most about, and not worry too much over the panic attacks.

Don't panic, organize.

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