Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And another thing…

…about that Senate Bill. When someone tells you it must be killed, as yourself whether they are fully insured. I'm not, and it sure looks better than nothing to me. Not enough, but no one's offering enough this round. It’s step along the way, thought, at least and it doesn't look so bad from down here at the bottom of the health care food chain.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

I've been told that those of us who are veterans can go down to the VA hospital and get a medical card that will, in fact, pay for most anything that afflicts us, Shaun. We also - so told - don't have to go down to Columbia Street, after we get that card.

I noticed there is a medical facility, out in the Lake City district of Seattle, for veteran's outpatient care.

But admittedly, I haven't done that - yet.

Last thing I read, the so-called compromise will extend Medicare to those as young as 55; and the "public option" will be killed, if that takes place. (Fromma Harrop, syndicated in the Seattle Times, wrote about how this is a compromise to those afraid of "socialism," even though she asserted Medicare is socialism. The late Michael Harrington might have disagreed.)

Either way, I think guys such as us are going to be taken care of, all right. Hard to say about our offspring and mates, however.

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