Monday, November 16, 2009

It's the floundering Vice Presidential campaign…

…version of a book tour. Charles Lemos...
...her book tour kicks off in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the 66th largest MSA in the country. She'll tour reliable GOP hotspots like Noblesville, Indiana and Washington, Pennsylvania. Apart from media visits to New York and Chicago, the largest city on her itinerary is Cincinnati though she will stop by in Bloomington, Minnesota which is part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul MSA, the 16th largest MSA in the country. Two military bases are on the route, Fort Bragg in North Carolina and Fort Hood which was added after the shootings that left 13 dead and 31 wounded. And she'll revisit some of her more memorable rally spots from the campaign like Orlando, Colorado Springs and Albuquerque.
A B-list tour for a B-list "author." Sure, it'll fire up a bit of the small town base, and might provide some measure of amusement for the rest of us, but there's no there there.

Wake me when she says something worthy of ridicule.

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