Thursday, November 12, 2009

Include me out.

As you might gather from the new links on my sidebar, I'm not joining in the financial boycott of the DNC and OFA because Congress and the Obama administration proposed by some so-called "A-list" progressive bloggers.

This isn't a "progressive" blog. This is a capital-D Democratic blog, and while I'm not totally satisfied with the positions or the priorities of all of my Party's office-holders, neither am I interested in joining some kind of "progressive" clone of the Club For Growth. I'm just not full enough of myself to take my ball, such as it is, and go because the President or any other member of my Party fails to meet my every exacting standard or adopt my entire agenda.

Just one of the reasons that, like Blue Gal

…though there's little risk of that happening no matter how hard I try.

Of course, I'm not actually sorry at all. I'm a Democrat, without apology. Nothing to be sorry about in that.

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