Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From the "Who'da thunk it?" file.

Maybe Democrats can win elections by acting like Democrats. They can lose when they don't.

Who'da thunk it?

Mike Lux spells it out…
Bragging about an improving GDP and explaining how jobs are lagging indicators which will someday trickle down to the unemployed is political death at a time like this. What Democrats should be doing is fighting like cats and dogs for every job that they can deliver, to their districts and to the country. Show that they are moving on this urgent need: get a new jobs bill passed, get a roads/infrastructure bill passed. Show more toughness when the most protectionist country on earth, China, lectures us on being protectionists (they liked us being saps for all those years.) Fight like crazy for new jobs in every venue, every forum, every chance you get- and tell people no matter how many jobs you produce that it is never enough, that you will keep fighting for more.
We can argue all we want about policies and priorities in DC, but if we let the Republicans steal the jobs issue, we probably deserve to lose a lot of seats.

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