Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tune time.

Ten. Randomly.
Nanci Griffith - White Freightliner
Slade - Mama We're All Crazee Now
Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good
Susannah McCorkle - If I Only Had A Heart
The Lovin' Spoonful - Lovin' You
David Gans & Eric Rawlins - Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
Dana Lyons - Swimmin' In The Big
Aztec Camera - Jump
The Dynamics - I'll Be Standing There
Hoyt Axton - Flash Of Fire

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

The Spin Doctors - Jimmy Olsen's Blues

This is a great tune for anyone who has ever "lost a girl to a jock" as they used to say in high school (and maybe still do).

These guys were on a roll in the early 1990s. Then, the lead singer developed a rare medical condition affecting his vocal chords; and for years, couldn't sing at all.

Their jamming - guitars and drums - harkened back to the best of the 1960s. It's music that is random as can be - almost a jazz thing.

6:17 PM  

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