Tuesday, October 13, 2009


…just maybe, a reporter's paraphrase of comment related without context or attribution isn't actually what "The White House" says.

While I'm as addicted to instant gratification as the average American, it's also possible that it's not entirely fair to pass final judgment on what President Obama's done until he's done doing stuff. LGBT issues are important to me, too, generally as a citizen and personally as a parent, and I too am frustrated by the pace of progress. That doesn't mean, though, that progress hasn't been made, isn't being made today or won't be made during the remaining 80% or so remaining of Obama's first term of office.

Patience can be difficult, especially when delay can be harmful, but maybe, just maybe, it's a bit premature to schedule the firing squad.

Just sayin'…

(Nice to know I'm not alone on this. What Booman says, mostly.)

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