Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Good question…

…from dday.
"If Al Qaeda is so desperate to find a safe haven, why haven't they returned to Afghanistan now, when the Taliban controls large swaths of the country?"
Some good points, too…
...the Taliban was ejected from the country the last time they gave Al Qaeda safe harbor and wouldn't appear likely to do so again, and that this Taliban is a home-grown movement with little influence from foreign fighters, and that the whole idea of "safe havens" in a world where terror attacks have been planned from inside Spain, Germany, Britain and even the United States is a false one.
Al Qaeda will never be what it was in Afghanistan. That's a battle we've won, and yet another reason that the right way in Afghanistan is out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Maybe Al Qaeda will never be what it was in Afghanistan; or maybe it will. At this point, the president is framing the battle as one against the Taliban. He seems to feel - or General McChrystal does - that Al Qaeda is not particularly relevant, at this point.

But ultimately, it matters not whether who the enemy is exactly. Not when the cost of carrying on a war in a land where the inhabitants know the terrain better than the American soldiers and marines is greater in terms of dollars and lives spent, than America can afford.

The Taliban and Al Qaeda are friendly. So deluding ourselves into thinking that if American troops pull out, Al Qaeda won't leave Pakistan and go back to their old home base is probably overly optimistic. But that's just my opinion, based on what I know from the papers and news sites, so I could be wrong.

9:07 PM  
Blogger The Prince of Centraxis said...

These persistent references to the superannuated CIA front known as 'Al Qaeda' are growing tedious.
This fantasy of an 'enemy' has been allowed to run unchecked by both purblind sides of politics for long enough.
All it does is provide warmongers and power corporations with more BS excuses.

Wake up and smell the carbon. It's the new aeon.


9:33 PM  
Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Well, it looks as if one of the followers of Lyndon LaRouche has decided to weigh in on Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda might have been created by the CIA, in the broad sense. The CIA did, after all, train the mudjahedeen, many of whom would later become members of Al Qaeda.

But people who think that there aren't people, outside of America, who want to kill as many Americans as possible, to ensure we leave their land(s), are also those who believe that September 11, 2001 was "an inside job" - as they say. What can one say about such people that hasn't already been said?

One also can't convince them they're wrong. If real life was like the old "Twilight Zone" show, they'd all go through a time warp and end up passengers on one of those planes that flew into the Twin Towers.

Read a copy of "Charlie Wilson's War," you silly git.

12:18 AM  
Blogger Adam Lee said...

How on earth would you know that? If not AQ then XX will take control and be just as extreme if not worse. The corrupt puppet gov't we put in place cannot last...

7:14 AM  

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