Saturday, September 05, 2009

It feels like fall.

The ground is wet this morning, the breeze is crisp, and a few miles south of me the University of Washington Huskies are in the midst of their pre-game rituals as they prepare to do battle with L.S.U. on the shores of Lake Washington.

At least I hope it's a battle. I mean, it's L.S.U., ya' know? Tough starter. But hell, GO DAWGS!

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Blogger George S. said...

My hope is in the other direction! Geaux Tigers! My In-Laws actually took off Monday and stayed in Washington state for the week to catch the game today. They will have some pics for me to put on my blog later when they get back. I could really careless about how you view yourself as a upperleft? What the hell is a upperleft? Your politics are unclear and misleading. Be more specific about where you stand and how you view the current admin.

George S.

Listen to Glenn Beck whom gives you proof of his thoughts and does not mislead you like the mainstream media.

5:12 PM  

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