Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

I'll be working, but if you're not (heck, even if you are too), it's a good day to remember those who wish they were, and that America needs EFCA.

If you're nearby, drop in to the perfect tavern and I'll try to make your day a bit happier (or at least a bit more, ahem, spirited).

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Ed Freeman, a hero of the Vietnamese War, who flew an unarmed, lightly armored helicopter into an area of enemy fire, and out, 14 times, in 1965 in the da Drang (sic) Valley; to medivac troops out, passed away on August 20th.

This was inconspicous in the national press, that I myself just found out about it tonight, via a friend.

Mr. Freeman's story was told in the Mel Gibson movie, "We Were Soldiers," made in 2002.

It may not be Memorial Day, but this was worth noting. One has to wonder if the incursion into Afghanistan won't produce such heroes.

Maybe this is worth a separate post, Shaun?

Happy Labor's Day to you!

9:54 PM  

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