Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From the "Since you asked…" file.

Goldy wonders...
So could it be that the type of public podium-rattling many of us progressives demand, just isn’t a good fit to Cantwell’s wonkish personality, or to the brand of quiet, insider leadership she seems to prefer? And do we make a mistake by assuming she’s less progressive than she really is?
Since you asked, yes.

I've known Maria for twenty five years now, and I'd say her personality and political style is more informed by her Indiana upbringing than her ideology. The bottom line with Maria, the reason I'm an unqualified fan despite occasional disagreement, is that I've always found her to have a bedrock integrity - she may not be doing what I think is the right thing on some issue, but she's doing it for what she thinks are the right reasons for her constituents and her country, and under those reasons you'll find a solidly liberal foundation.

Sometimes she turns out to be right when I was wrong, too.

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