Thursday, August 20, 2009

We get mail…

results. King County's done another number drop. Things don't look any brighter for the third place incumbents, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and Shoreline Councilmember Janet Way. Winds of change...

In the County Exec race, Susan Hutchinson's percentages are dropping steadily if not precipitously as they seek the natural level of the Republican base in King County, which, despite her protestations of non-partisanship, she has somehow consolidated. At just shy of 35%, I'm guessing she's just about there. Dow Constantine has benefited from recent returns, and between his rise and Hutchinson's fall, the gap is under 10%. Given that Dow shared the ballot with three other actively campaigning Democratic elected officials, his level of primary support is impressive, as, I expect, his margin of victory will be in November.

The big news in this race, though, is that Goodspaceguy isn't in last place. Go, Good'! Space is the place.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Dorsal Plants, the only Iraq war veteran (the second one) to run for City Council deserved to win; if only because he is part of what we need, which is a "new generation of leadership," to borrow a phrase that JFK Sr. once used.

Dorsal (sic?) is also a renter and does work at a homeless shelter - two groups of people greatly underrepresented and unheard from, in Seattle.

Let's hope he runs again.

8:45 PM  

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