Friday, August 21, 2009

Good question...

...from Charles Gibson
Is America with Obama on Health Care?
Sadly, I don't think America has any idea where Obama is on health care. I'm not so sure myself...

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Blogger The Astral Cowboy said...

America will likely not know where Obama is on healthcare until after the debate. Those who are opposing it are opposing his healthcare option have not been able to present me with cogent arguments.

Those supporting it seem to be lacking the information to convince me it is a good idea (this version of healthcare).

I find it intriguing that since we have had a group of companies exploiting our country for years, we have now assigned them the task of creating the construct for our future health.

But...I suppose it is like invading Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, the 2005 Military Commissions Act, the Bank Bailouts...We have to do this NOW! Before we think! It is a crisis, so we have to go unquestioningly into the night. I want to know why we, as a country, can't just slow down and look at our options. Heck...I'd just like to see what the options are.

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