Monday, August 10, 2009

And this, too, is true.

As the fairest of the Rude says…
...the death panel is there. It's called "the profit margin."
Hat tip to Gordon.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

There's a gut-wrenching scene in Michael Moore's "Sicko" which would shut the mouth of that silly woman in Alaska - perhaps.

A woman relates the story of her daughter, reportedly insured by Kaiser-Permanente, who developed a 100 plus degree fever.

The mom related how she drove her daughter to a nearby hospital; only to be told it was not on the "approved" list of K-P.

So the poor mom, drove the little girl to an "approved" hospital. By the time they got there, the little girl's fever was 104 degrees! She subsequently passed away.

When I watched that scene, at the Crest Cinema Center, tears welled up in my eyes. Certainly, it was the same for most people watching; as the mother herself - on camera - cried.

So screw those who say that people are being asked to sacrifice themselves and their loved ones, right now. Sarah Palin is an absolutely reprehensible human being, trying to lie about the fact that there is no perfect plan.

And as the old saying goes, the perfect remains the enemy of the good.

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