Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's over.

To the President of the Senate of the United States:

This is to certify that on the fourth day of November, 2008, Al Franken was duly chosen by the qualified electors of the State of Minnesota a Senator from said State to represent said State in the Senate of the United States for the term of six years, beginning on the 3rd day of January, 2009.

Witness: His excellency our governor Tim Pawlenty, and our seal hereto affixed at Saint Paul, Minnesota this 30th day of June, in the year of our Lord 2009.

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Anonymous Elizabeth Barrette said...

Frankly, he should serve 6 years from the date he is SEATED, so that his opponent's lollygagging doesn't cost him part of his duly elected term. This will also discourage future repetitions of such nonsense.

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

It amuses and infuriates many of us, that Al Franken has so often been dismissed, out of hand, as merely a "former comedian" in the press. He is much more than that - not that being a comedian is any less of an achievement.

I was intrigued to read that Ben Stein, who politically is way across the aisle from Al Franken, said, two weeks ago, that his friend should be seated and said, "He's an intelligent guy" and that he'd do well as a senator.

At the least, he should be able to enliven the Congressional record.

10:23 PM  

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