Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good question...

...from Darryl.
Why didn’t President Mohammad Khatami of Iran come out with more forceful statements when the 2000 U.S. presidential election was being stolen?
Maybe they bought his silence with a promise to take out his belligerent neighbor.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you guys don't know what your talking about. Stolen? Give me a break. You democrats did everything you could to steal changing laws that were in place for the electorate college. I have noticed you don't want changes when it goes your way...but when it doesn't....reform is needed. The founding fathers knew what they were doing when they set this up this way. Leave it be. You cannot win all the time, no matter what you liberals think. The election of 2000, wasn't stolen, but the ones trying to steal it was Gore, by playing the poor loser and trying to change the laws for elections as they stood. Give me a break!

1:48 PM  
Blogger Shaun said...

It's kinda tough to engage in productive discourse with someone about matters related to the Electoral College when they don't know the name of the Electoral College, ya' know?

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

The Founding Fathers hadn't an inkling of how badly mangled elections would get, as the result of the Electoral College. While the 2000 election still sits badly with many folks - it is more recent - the election of 1876 was even worse.

That election was the one in which it went to Congress, and even though a Democrat, Samuel Tilden had won, a deal was struck to give the election to Benjamin Harrison with a caveat: he would, as president, remove all Federal troops from the South. Those troops were still there to ensure that Americans of African descent could hold office in Congress, vote and do things as simple as walk to a grocery store without risk of being harassed or killed.

Benjamin Harrison wanted the job and did what he said. The result was a massive increase in the number of lynchings, from that time through the 1920s, the return of the Klan and no more representatives in Congress with roots in Africa.

It is worth noting that Benjamin Harrison was indeed a member of the Republican party. So much for Abraham Lincoln's "with malice towards none and charity towards all" coming together.

That is all a matter of historic record, by the way, and something that is not part of any liberal media attempt to convince the American people that the Founding Fathers notion has greatly outlived whatever usefulness it might have had, for equal representation between states with larger population, versus those with smaller ones.

The last time there was a serious attempt to get rid of the Electoral College, was in the late 1970s, after the extremely close contest between Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Thing is, the Electoral College ensures that America has two party rule - such as it remains - and that third or fourth party candidates, such as H. Ross Perot (1992) or John B. Anderson (1980) can be spoilers, but never (actual) presidents.

The Electoral College should be gotten rid of, as soon as possible. But given that the people who'd vote on it - Democrats and Republicans - have a stake in the deal, it won't happen.

It has absolutely nothing to do with those tired old labels of "conservative" or "liberal" as we think of them. It has to do with consolidating power and holding onto it. That is something the Founding Fathers indeed knew would be the result. But they didn't trust the "masses" in any event.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Nikki Oldaker said...

LOL - each and all of your commenter's are incorrect as well...It was Rutherford B. Hayes not Benjamin Harrison, who was the 23rd President 1889 - 1893. Tilden and Hayes ran in 1876 for the 19th President during America's 100 year anniversary. Geezz...Samuel Tilden left his millions to build the first free library in New York...the NY Public Library. Tilden won by over 254,000 votes...Hayes wrote in his diary that he conceded - but it was ONE reporter at the New York Times that hated Tilden so much he wasn't going to let him have the Presidency without embarrassing him first. His name was John Reid...he wrote an editorial "Election in Doubt" on his horse and woke up the drunk Republican Chairman Zach Taylor at 2 am with a crazy scheme to steal the election back...
That crazy scheme turned into the biggest snowball scheme that brought out every corrupt politician and judge America had ever elected. I found Tilden's story so amazing - I've spent the last 14 years researching and writing about it. Our Politicians today do not want the story out because it was the biggest screw up ever politically in America. The lies, the bull are all things our politicians use to this day to get elected...and they count on voters not knowing how it all works. The book I wrote, "Samuel Tilden the Real 19th President" was written from a teleplay I wrote about the story...go to your local library and ask them to get you a copy. Go to my Tilden website...
there is an excerpt there you can read for free. Also, while your at it read Tilden's 1876 Reform's free too. Like I said it's taken years to untangle the the lies both parties told during this election. I am producing a documentary this summer for people who prefer film over books...I hope your readers and you will stop by and say hello when I go out to tour the country with both books and the film. In the end of this election - Tilden never conceded his Presidency and Hayes - nicknamed, "Your Fraudulency" was so afraid Tilden supporter would shoot him he snuck into the White House through the back and was sworn into office in secret...the next day at his inauguration....he promised the crowd that he would only serve his one term and not run again. He kept that promise. As for Gore/Bush - that election was no where near as controversial as the 1876 election. One historian said Gore/Bush in comparison was like a pillow fight compared to Tilden/Hayes and I agree.

Like I said there was so much corruption going on during this election it took a while to put the puzzle together...and so far everyone that has read my book come out of it with different emotions - mostly anger over what was done to Tilden and the millions that supported him. The book is 288 pages and it is split in two story goes 145 or so pages...if you ever decide to read it...Republican or Democrat - I'd enjoy hearing your comments.

6:54 PM  

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