Saturday, June 20, 2009

From the "Strange bedfellows" file.

Me and Barry and Hank and Pat. Brother Buchanan, via John Nichols...
It is impossible to believe a denunciation of the regime by Obama will cause it to stay its hand if it believes its power is imperiled. But it is certain that if Obama denounces Tehran, those demonstrators will be portrayed as dupes and agents of America before and after they meet their fate.

If standing up and denouncing the Ayatollah and Ahmadinejad from 7,000 miles away is moral heroism, it is moral heroism at other people's expense.
All I can say is, well, yep.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Still, having the president refer to the head cleric by the title "Grand Leader" or whatever nonsense he goes by, is a bit much.

Nicholas Kristoff, at the New York Times, reported that a 16 year old was shot, by a sniper for the regime defending its power, in front of her father. A two-part video of her death has been posted to the Internet, as have accounts of her last moments. (She reportedly lived just two minutes after being hit, since the shot was to her heart.)

I think we have to ask ourselves, what would President Kennedy have done, in this instance. He was, as we know, a man who spoke out against tyranny.

Patrick Buchanan is specious in his reasoning. Does he actually think that if our president calls the thugs and religious fanatics running Iran, murderers of their own people - they are - things could or would, go any worse against them?

Times such as these are precisely the times when America is called upon to lead. Of course, the problem is we are so bogged down in Iraq, the question must be asked: what exactly can we do, other than talk about this matter?

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