Thursday, May 21, 2009

Take the Pledge!

I pledge to DECLINE TO SIGN REFERENDUM 71 PETITIONS. I am opposed to discrimination and believe that all Washington families deserve equal protection under the law. This referendum seeks to repeal a law passed by the legislature that gives registered domestic partners many of the rights already enjoyed by legally married couples.
Sign it here on behalf of Dan Savage's family - and mine.

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Blogger N in Seattle said...

Already signed up as a Ref.71 refusenik.

Not only because I fully support equal protection and civil rights, but because the only referendum or initiative petition I'll ever sign is one that seeks to abolish Washington's completely dysfunctional initiative & referendum option. I&R is the bane of this state's existence, even more than the regressive tax system (which might have a chance to be corrected if I&R wasn't there for Eyman to abuse).

11:29 AM  

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