Sunday, March 01, 2009

And another thing, Mr. President…

…isn't about time the Commander in Chief started locking some four-star heels? The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has no business doing free-lance punditry...
During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, the head of U.S. military forces said he didn't know where the Obama administration was getting its long-term projections for the money it will save by drawing down the war in Iraq...he did say, on two occasions, that he never had seen that number before, the implicit message -- at least the one pushed by Wallace -- being that Obama had chosen rosy figures to meet its deficit reduction strategy.
The fact that today's general officer corps consists of men and women who were able to advance their careers in the environment of the Rumsfeld regime is sufficient cause for a careful review of their character and qualifications for command. There is a forum for officers like Admiral Mullen to offer their evaluations and critiques of the policies of the Commander in Chief, but that forum is not the public airwaves. Once those policies are announced, the appropriate response is a hearty "Yes, Sir!" (or, as the case may be, "Aye, aye, Sir!").

Tell them that until they promote themselves to civilian, public opinions are above their pay grade. They are every bit as much subordinates as any private soldier. It's time to let them know that if they can't get with the program, it's time to turn in their papers.

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