Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's good to be B.A.D.

One more time to celebrate the official arrival of Blogroll Amnesty Day
Jimmy offers dispatches from beyond the Cascade Curtain at McCranium. For all y'all outlanders, that's the mountain divide that separates our politics in the upper left every bit as much as our geography. Jimmy's fighting the good fight in hostile territory, posting dispatches about local campaigns and the Tri-Cities' very own Drinking Liberally chapter between his takes on state and national news and issues. He's also one of the valiant souls who have put their body where their blog is by putting his name on a ballot. Definitely a good B.A.D. add.

N in Seattle has been tending Peace Tree Farm for six years now, almost an immeasurable span in blog years. He's not there every day, but you should be there every day he is. (And get well soon, buddy!)

Karlo's the host at Swerve Left. Not just another take on all the stuff we all have a take on (though there some first class examples of that, too), Karlo finds stuff, like the Universal World House, that I don't see anywhere else.

Steve Zemke was an activist's activist in these parts before blogs were an idea, and Majority Rules is an activists blog, covering what's happening, but focusing on what you can do about it. Whether it's protecting what's left of Seattle's once proudly dense tree canopy or what's left of our nation's democracy, Steve's got more than a diagnosis. He's got a prescription.

Dr. Streak is actually Streak's master, so I guess he didn't stop being a Master when he became a Doctor. Streak's Blog makes more sense than that, I promise. Doc's my go to guy when I need someone to make sense of the fundie right, or need a little historical perspective from an actual historian. A certified Pal O' Upper Left.
If you're a blogger reading this, remember, there's still time to be B.A.D.

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