Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty Day… a three-day long concert held in the woods of upstate New York. There, like-minded people get together, groove to music, do copious amounts of drugs and learn to live in a communistic setting of peace and sex…
…sez William K, Wolfrum.

Or maybe not. It's definitely worth another ride, though...
The Chinuk's Real Oregon Reality is brand spanking new, but he starts off strong by including Upper Left on his short list of "vital cascadian reads." There's some real promising writing there, too.

Fierce Planet is the blog home of jnfr, who I know from The Well. For those that don't know about The Well, casually quoting folks outside the conferences there without specific permission is a violation of a basic trust relationship that has made the place work for so long. Here in blogtopia (™ Skippy), though, casually lifting and linking is de rigueur, so it's nice having a way to share some of the best of a friend from elsewhere here, as I have from time to time. There's a lot more there, though, than I've put over here, so I encourage you to go.

Artistdogboy is another upper lefty, hailing from Vashon Island, and another regular source of insights worth sharing, so Upper Left regulars should recognize the name. Go get familiar with the blog.

SamGrace is A Very Political Woman, who I've only recently, and happily encountered. She does her research and offers background that gives some of her posts the feel of primers for Liberal Democrat 101, but there's always something to learn, or an angle to consider, for us hangers on in political junkie grad school, too. I'm sure you'll be seeing some of her stuff popping up around here soon.

I can only imagine that it's because much of Howard Martin's blogging has been done at candidate sites he's created that HowieInSeattle qualifies for this list. Howie's efforts on behalf of Howard Dean and Barack Obama were exemplary grassroots campaign blogs and his personal site is just as valuable.
By the way, bloggers, if you haven't tried this yet, it's big fun.

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