Friday, January 02, 2009

There's stuff I know...

...and stuff I know I don't know. Among the latter is the strength of the case that Harry Reid and the Sentate Democrats have in their effort to reject Blago's nominee for the U.S. Senate. Actually, until the case has been adjudicated, no one really knows how strong it may be. There seem to be credible, knowledgable folks on both sides. That being the case, as a partisan Democrat I'm inclined to accept the arguments put forward by the voices raised in support of the Senate Democrats.

I confess to some dismay at the number of "progressives" who are using this appointment as an opportunity to vent their frustrations with Senator Reid's performance as the leader of a razor thin and often divided majority throught uncritical acceptance of any argument that would undermine and embarrass the elected (and a lock, apparently, to become the re-elected) leader of the Democratic Party in the United States Senate.

If hoping for a procedural defeat for the Democratic caucus simply to diminish the stature and effectiveness of the Majority Leader is "progressive," that's a prefix I can do without.

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