Saturday, January 31, 2009

Skippy says go.

Blogroll Amnesty Day is coming up on February 3, but Skippy's declared that Blogroll Amnesty Day Days begins today. The rules are simple. Bloggers are invited to link to five blogs smaller than their own. To judge "smaller," I'm relying on Technorati "authority" rankings. I don't know what that means, exactly, but for these purposes, mine is bigger (mostly not much, I admit).

Here's five I never miss, in no particular order...
Left Edge North is home Mr. Natural. Natch has somewhat less safe for the office approach than I do, but if he's a bit outrageous in expressing his outrage one in awhile, he's a regular source for a good laugh and an angle or an item I haven't seen elsewhere.

Kickstand holds forth graphically at Where It Stands, offering "Conventional wisdom. Scaled." Regulars here will recognize his stuff because I've "borrowed" more than a few of them. You should really see them at the source, where there's far more (and likely better) than I've shared here.

CitizenSteve and jpeg are the Washington Outsiders, holding forth from the upper upper left. Winners of a Niewert Award in 2006 for Best Local Party Coverage, they're equally adept at tracking stories beyond Whatcom County as well. Still, it's that local angle from a part of our state that's an important - and not automatic part of our Democratic majorities both in Olympia and the other Washington that makes them a distinctive and essential voice for followers of northwest politics.

Dashiell, as in Chris Dashiell, is the repository for some of the best writing in blogtopia (™ Skippy). I think even Chris would agree that it would be nice if he could do it faster and more frequently, but his posts tend to be worth waiting for, and to give you plenty to think about while you wait for the next. You can't rush the kind of thoughtfulness that underlies his best work, and he seems loathe to offer less than his best. Heck, even his rants are thoughtful, with his Final Phillipic Against Bush being a perfect case in point to begin with.

Carl Ballard, Demo Kid and TheHim are your hosts at Effinunsound, where they roast wingnuts on skewers. I'm totally down with the "know your enemy" concept, but I couldn't bear to read the righties without the pithy commentary of Carl and crew. Thanks, guys!
That's five. Wasn't hard at all. If you're a blogger, give it a go. Heck, it was so much fine I just might go again...

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