Friday, January 09, 2009

Let's see…

…it's Friday. Blago's impeached. Burris is still sidelined, with new clouds gathering over his head.

And Harry Reid is still the Leader of the largest Senate majority by either party since, well, I haven't actually looked it up, but it's been a while.

Jane Hamsher may be a heck of a poker player, but I'm thinking Harry might push her all over a chess board.

OK, I looked it up.

The last time a political party seated 57 Senators it was the 103rd Congress ('93-95). When the full complement of 59 Senators is seated (soon and very soon, I trust), it will be the largest majority since the Democrats held 61 seats during the 95th Congress ('77-'79).
Seems like a stretch to damn the current leadership as completely incompetent.

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