Thursday, December 18, 2008

He's got a secret.

The President-elect...
I think it is no secret that I am a fierce advocate for equality for gay and lesbian Americans.
See, I've been paying attention, and I didn't know that. I figure that a "fierce advocate for equality" would support giving my daughter and her partner recognition, protections, entitlements and benefits equal to those that my other daughter and her husband enjoy. Seems like a pretty minimal standard for "fierce" advocacy. It's called "marriage."

That's one of the reasons, I suppose, that the selection of Rev. Rick Warren for the inaugural invocation hasn't spiked my outrage as high as some other observers. Yes, I know, Obama came out against Prop. H8, and Warren was an advocate - a fierce advocate, you might say - for it, but at a base level, they both agree that one of my daughters should not be allowed to marry the person she loves, and should, as a result, be penalized for her affections. In fact, Warren actually invoked Obama's public opposition to marriage equality when he was stumping for H8.

Barack Obama is, though, a generally reliable ally on most issues involving the civil rights of GLBT Americans. Most though, isn't all, and fierce? That pretty much calls for all.

As for the Warren issue, like John Cole, I'll save my outrage for policy matters. Dump Don't Ask, Don't Tell in favor of enlistment equality, and fight for a repeal of DOMA and I can get over Rick Warren pretty quickly.

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