Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Signed, sealed and delivered.

The Brilliant and Beautiful Bride and I trooped off to do our civic duty this morning and the polling place turnout was impressive. As a PCO, I've learned that the low level of election day activity at the polls reflects the large number of folks who've made the move to a mail ballot. There are a few ballot box holdouts like me, but I'm guessing that a good many people crowding the tables and filling the booths when we voted are brand spanking new participants in American democracy.

I'm guessing, too, that the voted a lot like I did. The Obama campaign has been beating the bushes hereabouts like we're an early reporting swing state or something. If that kind of work has gone into the upper left, and that work has been as productive as it seems (or as I imagine), this could be a phenomenal night.

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