Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Five years ago on Upper Left...

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Northwest note
The Washington State Attorney General's race heats up with the entry of former Seattle City Attorney Mark Sidran. He'll take on former Insurance Commissioner Deborah Senn in the primary.

This should be an interesting contest. As City Attorney, Sidran played the 'tough cop' role against polluters and put together a strong domestic violence unit, but drew heat from local liberals over his 'civility' laws, which some saw as hostile to minorities and the homeless. Senn was hard on the insurance industry and a champion of seniors. Both are strong personalities with strong views. Fans of politics as spectator sport will be crowding the sidelines for this one.

Oh, yeah. There's a Republican, too. I'll let someone else worry about him.
See what happens when you leave it to the other guy? Turns out the Republican won in the general.

We get another shot at him next week. That extra vote you commit to turning out this year won't win any more electoral votes for Obama. He's gonna get 'em all up here, count on it.

It just might, though, be the vote that puts John Ladenburg over the top. That's worth getting done.

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