Monday, September 29, 2008

I guess I'm agnostic…

…on the bailout legislation that failed today. Is it the right fix? The right time? Folks who know more about the subject than I, folks I tend to respect on a range of issues, are coming down on both sides. Whatever happened today, or may happen tomorrow, though, this sounds right to me, though…
Do nothing was last tried in 1929-1932. The result was called the Great Depression. Let's not do that again.
It's likely not possible at this point to do all that we should, let alone all that we could, for Main Street, and for the virtually unmentioned folks who live a few blocks off Main Street. Hopefully there's enough smarts around to figure out what we must do, and the will to get it done. Elsewise, well, they say whiskey and ammo are excellent trade goods.

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