Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yeah, Brian, you might have…

Via David Postman

Congressman Brian Baird, D-Vancouver, says that since he came out in favor of the Iraq surge no one wants to talk to him about the war. He says, according to Danny Westneat’s piece this morning, that’s because he was right and most Democrats were wrong.
"After all that extraordinary outrage directed at me, not one person has called me up and said 'Hey, Brian, it looks like you might have had a point after all,' " said Baird, in Denver for his party's national convention this week.
…but truth is, you didn't. I'll let brother Yglesias school ya'.
…it’s still true that the stated purpose of the surge was to create a window of opportunity in which various Iraqi factions could achieve the sort of political reconciliation that would provide the basis for lasting peace in Iraq. And it’s also still true that that hasn’t happened.
Maybe people won't talk to you about Iraq because they think it's unseemly to pick at a scab in public.

You might take a lesson from them, too.

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