Friday, August 15, 2008

She's up, she's down…

…she's out, she's in.
Although Clinton had resisted pressure from donors, allies and supporters to accept demands to allow her name placed in nomination, she and aides to Obama seemed to realize independently that doing so would be the best way to incorporate and welcome Clinton's supporters into Obama's general election campaign, both symbolically and practically.
The resistance was, apparently, out of concern about how many of her 1896.5 elected delegates will, in fact, cast a Clinton vote for a roll call. I don't have any problem with her being nominated. When the '92 Clinton campaign tried to block Jerry Brown from nomination, declaring that he could not address the convention unless he withdrew his name and endorsed Bill before the balloting, I was among the delegates crowding the floor in protest. Our battle cry at the time was "Unity doesn't demand uniformity." In fact, the drive to achieve uniformity through unanimity in that contest was the most divisive element of the '92 convention. This will be better than that.

While the extended "will she, won't she" charade has been more irritating than amusing, now we know she will, and that's fine. I'm unconcerned, too, about the amount of time that will be devoted to all things Clintonian in the run-up to the ballot. I think there's sufficient political acumen between them for Bill and Hillary to understand that the only way to improve the damage done to the family brand during the primaries is to demonstrate uncompromising zeal for the nominee and a Democratic victory while on the conventions stage.

On with the show.

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