Friday, August 08, 2008

Now that's impressive.

Via David Postman
Rep. Dave Reichert, the two-term Republican incumbent, raised $115,474 during July, compiling $929,113 in cash on hand.

Democratic challenger Darcy Burner raised more — $350,837– during July, and reported having almost $1.5 million in the bank...
Money isn't everything, of course, but there's no denying it's an important something in a political fight. Darcy has apparently dumped a chunk of that 1.5 on a media buy, but the point is that she can do that and still retain a financial advantage over Brand W Dave.
...Reichert relied on PAC money to make up over 55% of his anemic July total, whereas Burner only raised 5% from PACs. That kind of disparity tells you a lot about both candidate’s work ethic, and their allegiances.
Over 300k from individual donors? In the middle of summer?

Amazing, and encouraging.

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