Monday, August 25, 2008

Good question.

Unnamed (presumably Clinton) delegate, via Goldy.
“Why is it disunity for us to do our job voting for the candidate we were sent here to vote for?”
Of course, it isn't. In '92, when my mission was to whip Brown delegates from the upper left through the first ballot the mantra was "Unity doesn't mean uniformity." I was successful beyond my hopes that year when an uncommitted delegate joined our ranks at the last minute and we actually cast more votes for Governor Mayor Attorney General Brown than we'd arrived in New York with. On the other hand, within a week of my return I accepted an invitation to join the state Clinton/Gore steering committee and gave my all to the November effort.

Did we lose the efforts of some of the Brown stalwarts? Certainly. Did we even lose a few of their votes? Probably. As a self-proclaimed insurgent campaign, we pulled a lot of support from quarters with at best tangential relationships with the Democratic Party. The Democrats among us, though, came together with our fellows quickly enough, and completely enough, to render the unity question moot in the fall. T'was ever thus, and I expect it shall be thus again.

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