Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What he said.

Steve M. on FISA...
Snark aside, the big problem is that the public isn't with us on this; on Iraq, on Katrina, on the economy, on Terri Schiavo, the vast majority of America is on our side -- but on dirty, nasty things done in the shadows in the name of security, Americans are still at the wrong end of the learning curve. I'm not sure the 120 days before a presidential election are the right time for a cram course, and that's what I think Obama is thinking, too; it's regrettable, but I don't blame him.
And this, too, from Jeralyn...
Obama's FISA stance was predictable months ago. He has always been a compromiser. It's why he wasn't my first or second choice for the the Democratic nomination. I don't want a President who reaches out to Republicans when he should be fighting them.

Nonetheless, as between a President who reaches out to Republicans and one who is a Republican, the one who merely reaches out is preferable.
I wish this was the first or last thing I think Barack Obama is wrong about, but I'm conscious that I'm not a typical American - or even Democratic - voter. If issues like FISA were at the top or most folks agenda, Chris Dodd would be pondering potential running mates about now.

That doesn't mean we should shut up about the attack on our 4th Amendment freedoms, but as we try to educate our fellow citizens, we should be looking for more effective vehicles than attacking our nominee.

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