Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Time is money…

…and vice versa.

Like everyone hereabouts, and a good many of y'all thereabouts, I was shocked by the news of the fire that destroyed Darcy Burner's home yesterday, and grateful that the family escaped without injury. Darcy's issued a statement and, unsurprisingly to those who know her, has encouraged gestures of financial support to be sent to animal shelters and firefighter's charities. Good causes, no doubt.

I'm sure she'll pardon me, though, if I prefer Goldy's plan...
Darcy needs to raise about $150,000 this July to keep pace with Dave Reichert and her own 2006 fundraising, and every day she takes off makes her campaign budget that much harder to hit. That’s about $5,000 a day.

And that’s why I’m joining with bloggers nationwide to ask our readers to contribute what they can today, to help give Darcy the breathing room she needs to tend to her own affairs without worrying about neglecting her campaign. Every $5,000 increment we raise represents a day that Darcy won’t have to dedicate to her own fundraising efforts. It is a gift more precious than money; it is a gift of time.

You can help buy Darcy some time at the Upper Left ActBlue page.

And yeah, I think the shirt is cool, too...


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