Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thanks... the Younger Daughter Of Upper Left (aka The Princess) and her Prince Charming for as fine a Father's Day gift as I've ever had - and I've been a father a good long while now. I finally cashed it in today - a trip to Woodland Park Zoo with the Quarterback. The Brilliant and Beautiful Bride of Upper Left was along (appropriate since none of this - literally - would have been possible without her.)

Funny a day with a two year old can make everything just a little bit better and brighter, even in a classic northwest summer drizzle. These days, anyway. Don't remember it exactly that way when my crew were two, but it is to remember that far back.

This scene, at the intersection of the bears and otters, produced the picture of the day...

Really a wonderful day (have I mentioned that my grandson is not only perfectly behaved but brilliant beyond his years? Consider it mentioned. And it's true... really, it is.)

Thanks again to the kids for the gift, the BBBUL for the company and the Quarterback for all the joy he brings to my world.

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