Monday, June 16, 2008

Good questions…

…from John Aravosis.
Will top Hillary surrogate Lanny Davis be using his perch atop FOX News to sabotage Obama's candidacy? And if so, will Hillary do anything about it?
Hillary has made a full, gracious and, I believe, sincere endorsement of Barack Obama, but that's clearly not enough for all of her followers. Davis is a professional Clintonian, and was one of Hillary's most ardent and most offensive adherents. He's demonstrably willing to throw the Democratic Party under the bus if he thinks it will help advance the Clinton cause. How responsible should she be for his activities going forward? Would a personal directive from the Clintons be enough to curb him?

I don't know, but I think just such a directive should be made, and if Davis' ensuing activities detract from the Democratic ticket, they should denounce him.

Reject, even...

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