Tuesday, June 03, 2008

From the "Better late…" file.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Barack Obama effectively clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday...
True enough, if you're talking about a Tuesday in February. For all the complaints about the media tilt toward Obama, most coverage has seemed remarkably indulgent of the persistent Clinton spin that there's been significant doubt about the eventual outcome for some time. Granted, that indulgence has been granted largely for the media's own purposes - there's a big election news hole to fill between disappearing blondes and philandering athletes - but there it's been.

Complaints about misogyny in the coverage aren't unfounded, but when's the last time a primary candidate lost ten consecutive contests and was still lauded as a contender? Coverage is always a mixed bag, but sometimes bad press is just the inevitable result of a bad campaign, and at times the Clinton campaign has proven to be very bad indeed, squandering their opening advantages in cash, networking and recognition, delivering a progressively more muddled message that seems to have come down to "Hillary should win because she should," and possibly sacrificing decades of good will and influence in the Democratic Party by the time she comes to grips with a reality she has stubbornly refused to acknowledge as she's expanded her attack from her opponent to the institutional underpinnings of the Party itself.

Tonight Hillary will say something. Tomorrow she'll do something.

It doesn't matter.

It's done.

Well done.

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