Thursday, June 19, 2008

The days of our lives…

…via Hunter.
Days Since McCain Dared Obama To Eat A Bug: 54
Days Since McCain Demanded New Policy Of '5 Do-Overs Per Debate': 12
Days Since McCain "Forgot" One Of His Previous Positions: 0.5
Days Since McCain Demanded Obama Get Off His Lawn: 3
Days Since McCain Mentioned He Was a POW In Vietnam: 0
Days Since McCain Mentioned He Doesn't Like To Use His POW Experience As Political Tool: 0
Days Since McCain Last Praised Bush Policy Of Refusing POW Status Or Any Other Legal Recourse To Detainees: 1
Days Since McCain Toured Iraqi Marketplace With 100+ Troops And Air Support, Declaring It Safe: 445
Days Since Last Iraqi Marketplace Bombing Killing More Than 50 People: 2
Days Since The Republican Party Had An Original Idea: 3,284



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