Monday, May 12, 2008


…meet kettle.

Jerome Armstrong opens...
I don't even like to imagine an Obama nomination...
And closes…
The hatred of Clinton runs deep among the Obama supporters...
Who's hating on who here? And isn't it time we just knock it off?

I can certainly imagine, given only minor changes in the events of recent months, a Clinton nomination. In fact, I came started imagining it quite awhile ago. She's been running for years, and it wasn't all that long ago (though, notably, before any votes were counted) that she was seen as the inevitable nominee. How did I feel about that? She wasn't my favorite, but she'd be fine.

She's lost the nomination now, though, in the reality based universe Democrats like to say we live in. Lost it to someone who, frankly, wasn't my favorite, or even my second choice. But he's fine.

Since 1968, when I picked a candidate for the first time (I 'supported' Kennedy because Mom said so, and, well, everybody supported LBJ way back when) and got clean for Gene, until today, my first choice has won the Democratic nomination race three times - 1972, 1976 and 2004 - in eleven cycles, and I've been a Democrat, on the streets and in the ballot box, in all eleven. In the end, after the convention, they've all been fine.

There's always a way home, and all of us should do what we can now to make that path straighter and smoother. As the young folks say, it's time to chill. As the poet said, ain't no time to hate.

It's time to wake up, join up and get busy.

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