Friday, May 30, 2008


…but what's the problem? Via The Democratic Strategist...
Key figures on the Rules Committee informally agreed by telephone Wednesday night to seat the entire Florida delegation based on the Jan. 29 primary, but to give them each only half a vote. The same principle would be applied to Michigan, but there are still unresolved complications over how to handle the "Uncommitted" delegates chosen in the Jan. 15 primary in which Barack Obama's name was not even on the ballot.
The uncommitted delegates don't need any quotation marks. Uncommitted delegates are a perfectly normal part of the Democratic nomination process, and they can (and should) be seated at the convention exactly as such. How the Michigan uncommiteds - who were elected to represent the people who didn't have a preferred candidate on the truncated Michigan ballot - cast their .5 votes should be completely up to them. They're not anybody's to assign.

Is anybody talking to these people? That's what delegates are, you know - people. Not digits on a vote tally. Not chess pieces to be shifted about strategically. They're people who were elected as, essentially, free agents. The fact is, most of them probably had a preference at the time they were elected, though some of them may have shifted allegiance since. It should be easy enough to poll the uncommitteds for pre-convention tally purposes. In any event, they should be seated as elected and should vote as they wish.

Complication resolved.

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