Sunday, May 25, 2008

From the "history is silly putty" file.

ABC News' Sarah Amos covering Bill…
Clinton spent more than six minutes calmly discussing what he called a "frantic effort to push her out" of this race, saying that no one asked Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson or Gary Hart to end their presidential campaigns early.
As an active participant in the Kennedy, Jackson and Hart campaigns, my memory differs wildly. More noteworthy, perhaps, is the lack of mention of the '92 gang - Paul Tsongas, Tom Harkin, Jerry Brown, etc.

Call it revision or evasion, Bill Clinton is as careful a student of modern Presidential campaign history as you're going to find. He knows better.

He's lying.

If there's a "frantic effort," it's to get them to stop lying in their effort to delegitimize a nominating process that the Clinton operation had such a long and strong hand in crafting.

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