Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Songs were sung,,,

…pints of Ireland's fine brown brew were drunk and somewhere an election was held. Where It Stands sums it up...

Hillary apparently got her double-digit win, picking up a net ten delegates and closing the fabled "popular vote" margin by a couple hundred thousand. That leaves her about 150 delegates and a half a million votes behind. She reportedly raised $2.5 million dollars within 3 hours of the outcome being called, which sounds a little short of coverning the deficit she's run up. She'll need more. I doubt that political vendors will be extending any more credit to Clinton. Losers - and she's lost - pay cash.

All that, then, for 10 delegates. Less than 10% of the delegates she trails by, with precious few left to be had.

What have we learned? That white women of a certain age tend to prefer, when given the opportunity to vote for a white woman of similar vintage? That black folk, given the chance, tend to vote for black candidates? How many millions of dollars were spent, how much intra-Party blood splilled to learn what we already knew, lessons that likely have little to do with the final exam in November?

All that, then, for nothing.

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