Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh, please.

"Now, I know there are some people who say, 'Oh my goodness she is tough,'" she said. "Well, if you'd had my life you'd be tough, too."
Cursed from birth with a stable, financially secure family, things would only get worse for Hillary Clinton. In school, she had to overcome the twin curses of intelligence and popularity. In time, she escaped to the tough streets of Wellesley College and Yale Law. After graduation, it took her almost six years to become a full partner in a major law firm in a state where she was almost simultaneously becoming First Lady. While her husband was busy governoring, Hillary was forced to spend endless hours sitting through corporate board meetings and depositing checks.

Mr. Clinton finally got a pretty good job with the federal government, with an excellent benefits package, and Hillary was able to take some time off to pursue personal interests and travel a bit. Ever the good citizen, she did some volunteer work as well, but her efforts in that respect weren't universally appreciated, poor dear.

Following her husband's forced retirement, Hillary was forced to take a federal job herself while he did odd jobs to supplement his pension. Though their income has averaged a respectable million dollars a month in the intervening years, it should be remembered that they had to cover Ivy League tuition for their daughter. We all know what that can do to the vacation budget.

Yep, tough life alright.


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