Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Pennsylvania prediction.

At the end of the night, Clinton will trail by slightly fewer delegates than she does now. No matter how much she 'wins' by, though, she's lost.

Hillary Clinton entered the campaign selling the notion of inevitablity. She's Hillary Clinton, for jeebus sake. She lined up the machine, filled up the coffers and waited for the coronation. The problem seems to be that she consumed a bit too much of her own product. She has lost. She doesn't know it, can't beleive it.

I don't think the results will have anything to do with her decision to continue. If she was attuned to results, she'd have suspended her campaign after she lost Texas. (Yes, she lost Texas. This is a campaign for delegates.) I don't think even an outright Obama victory in PA would get her out. It's a shame, for several reasons, and an ill-service to her Party and its nominee, but it's her right.

There's another loser who continues, apparently, to campaign this year. Maybe Senator Clinton and Representative Paul should schedule a debate.

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